Born in Capua (CE), he has been living in Pescara for some years. His innate curiosity and love for art have led him to experiment techniques in step with the times, no longer using canvases and brushes, but with mice and desktops.

It all started as a game, during his long nights at work. The sign of the hotel where he works (a faceted diamond), was 'illuminating' for his 'FACETEDPORTRAIT', hence the idea of creating faceted portraits, of making a face as unique as a diamond, a precious stone. Usually he starts from a photo, studying the character, he starts by defining the eyes paraphrasing Frida Kahlo "I am the window through which I see you".

Some 'FACETEDPORTRAIT' have been chosen for music CD covers and as a logo by an architecture and design studio in New York, with which a collaboration was born.

In recent years he has exhibited in several galleries and participated in several national and international competitions such as : Iconic - The Exhibition, International Festival of Hyperspatialism, Far above the moon - Exhibition dedicated to David Bowie, POP-CON International Pop and Conceptual Art Exhibition. He has recently been selected with two other artists to participate in the XIII Biennale di Roma 2020. Moreover, some of his portraits have been published in the series 'Universi d'arte', publishing house Pagine, Rome.

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