Grigorii Pavlychev is a contemporary artist who mixes expressionism and figurative styles trying to give his own interpretation to both. When you look at his paintings for the first time, you may find yourself looking at an abstract expressionist composition or the calm form of the subject. Grigorii's main task as an artist is to make the viewer explore both sides of this dynamic. He draws more inspiration from the human body.

Born in Russian Siberia in 1986, Grigorii Pavlychev moved to St. Petersburg in 2001 and graduated from the Facility of Arts of St. Petersburg State University, during these 6 years of education he practiced artistic disciplines such as painting, academic drawing, composition, sculpture, anatomy, printing etc. but painting completely captured his attention. In early 2018 Grigorii Pavlychev became a full member of the Russian Union of Artists, made his American debut in 2016 in a group exhibition in Boston, participated in an artist residency in Belgium and attracted more than 120 collectors to the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Portugal, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Six paintings by the artist are in the collection of the National Bank of Bahrain. "





Gonzalo Orquín was born in Seville in 1982. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Seville and the University of Perugia.

The Leslie-Lohman Gay and Lesbian Art Museum has described his works as "decidedly domestic, intimate, post-coital and romantic. Set in commonplaces with soft tones, his subjects including cats, dogs, lonely men and women, as well as gay and heterosexual couples, show a contemplative depth of emotion".

Over the years he has exhibited in Spain, Italy, the United States, Mexico. He won the competition promoted by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities at the Angelica Library in the category of graphic design and created "La Cappella Porcina", a monumental work of street art (30×4 mt.) at the M.A.A.M. in Rome. Of his work have written: The Art Newspaper, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, The Huffington Post (U.S., France, U.K., Spain), Le Figaro, Le Monde, New York Daily News, Internazionale, La Stampa, Il Giornale dell'arte, Artribune, Exibart and Inside Art.





Born in Seville in 1984. He currently lives and works in London.

He trained in Madrid, Seville and London, specialising in Fine Arts at Chelsea College of Arts. In each of his subjects, in every scene or moment lived, there is an intense and profound meaning. Alberto finds in reality his expression, which he manages to convey with perspective wisdom and suffused lyricism.

Predominantly figurative in character, his art is marked by the great descriptive capacity of the human being. Alberto's works are present in the Soho House Contemporary Art Collection (London) together with other artists such as Ed Ruscha, Tracy Emin and Damien Hirst; and in other private collections such as the Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere in Metropoliz_città mesticcia (Rome) and the Prefecture of Mairena del Alcor (Seville).

His most notable exhibitions include the BP Portrait Award 2013 at the National Portrait Gallery (London) and the Summer Exhibition 2013 at the Royal Academy of Arts (London), where he won the British Institution Award.

paolo pilotti foto profilo.jpg




Paolo Pilotti was born in Rome in 1982. From the very first years of his life he manifested his love for art.

This innate passion drove him in his studies: after the Artistic Diploma he graduated in Painting, with a thesis in Anatomy, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

Irony and provocation, his personal characteristics, married with his imagination, giving life to his works. His work is divided between collaborations with periodicals, personal and collective exhibitions. "Paolo Pilotti, is sumptuousness of colours, when the nudity is not total, lurex, latex and a precious selection of embroidered fabrics make the works a shimmering parade, which amazes the observer's gaze.

Anatomy remains the pivot of his work and the human body is an inexhaustible source of forms, sometimes pushed to the limit, that underline a conflict between beauty, tradition and human anatomy itself.

Cinzia Carbonelli e Adriana Seganti.jpeg




We are a creative duo and have been practising photography since 1989.

Our educational experience comes from still - life, initial input in the composition and use of light. We are currently involved in advertising, fashion and architecture photography. Our strong point is the two-fold synergy: conception, shooting and post-production; we share, interchanging within these areas and interacting directly with the client or through advertising or public relations agencies.

Our specialization is the ecclecticism in photographic production and communication, every day in contact with different professional experiences in the studio, outdoors or setting up our studio in the places where it is needed.

Our research and experimentation are constantly put at the service of the work we do, using both digital technology and traditional film, performing this profession mainly in Italy.

Ernesto Notarantonio.jpg




Ernesto Notarantonio was born in Rome in 1967, where he lives and works.

From the very beginning, in his personal projects he preferred black and white film, both in 35 mm and 6×6 medium format, for a research on architecture and urban landscapes, later expanded on other themes both introspective and related to the art world in general.

In 2008 he began using Polaroid films, which over the years became an important means of expressing his artistic vision, with an increasingly instinctive and artisan approach to the analogue world, trying to design randomness.

His photographs have been published in national and international magazines and media including Paris Match, Vanity Fair Italia, Io Donna, Oggi, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, TGCOM24, Classick Rock Italia, XL Repubblica, OnStage, Rockol, 100Decibel, OUTSIDERS.

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Originally from southern Italy, Stefano has lived in London for decades.

Colorful but nostalgic, Stefano's paintings are his refuge, his "freedom and catharsis". His work revolves around themes such as the definition of identity, introspection and freedom, blended into landscapes such as the Mediterranean Sea and its dazzling light. So far Stefano has produced three collections of paintings: "Colordive", "Inner Horizon" and "Wandering Heights".





Yasmine Elgamal was born in Rome in 1993. Dedicated to drawing since childhood, she soon began to dedicate herself to painting.

At first the influences derived from the territorial context of a city whose pictorial models are rooted in classicism are strongly evident; then, guided by a more introspective and dreamlike expressive urgency, in 2010 she met her master, Marco Rossati, a historical student of Giorgio De Chirico, who substantially marked her production and poetics.

From this moment on, starting from her studies of drawing from life, she finds in oil painting her favourite medium, as it gives her the possibility to experiment in time with different types of pictorial material.

She has seen her works exhibited in areas such as Horatian (2013) at the Horatian Museum, and ''Bowie Stardust'' at Spazio Cima (2016).





Born in 1958 in Paris to a British mother of French descent and a Belgian father of Italian descent, Ruspoli has presented his works at international art fairs and galleries, increasing his exhibition all over the world. He has received numerous important international awards and medals including: Eugene Fromentin Award and Gold Medal in France, Masters Award and Honorable Award in the United States, Gold Medal in China, Honorary Award of Distinction and Honorable Award in the United Kingdom, silver medal in Italy. Inspired by his surroundings, Ruspoli moved towards a new way of working, stimulated by the influences of artists such as Chaim Soutine, Georges Rouault, Henri Matisse, Edward Munch and Egon Schiele. Ruspoli's artwork places human figures in an abstract environment supported by a vivid use of colours in which a subtle gradation and dramatic contrast express nuances of emotion and sensual physicality.

"Art is sharing visual ideas. My canvas may not have a cover or back cover but I try with every studio, every painting to represent a work to be read rather than fixed. If through my work as an artist I am able to stimulate thoughts and feelings, then I have achieved my goal. "

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Fabio Turri was born in Rome in 1974. Architect, he worked in various studios both in Italy and internationally before devoting himself to the freelance profession. He approached photography as a child. "Snapping" has always represented for him a sort of meta-communication with which he conveys the experience of capturing with his own eyes a detail noticed in the pop chaos of a megalopolis, or of capturing the beauty in the face of a passer-by, or a colour exploded in the architectural rigour.

His passion for travel leads him to explore, through the camera, a universe of multiple images where his special gaze always manages to capture and enhance diversity, both in the static nature of buildings and in the movement of street people.

A heterogeneous world of shots that finds its common thread in streetphotography. It is street photography that makes everyday life immortal, making it extraordinary and full of meaning, even where time seems to deprive it. Fabio Turri's photographs present glimpses of a city fabric where chiaroscuro and colours, spaces and voids, narrate the physical/architectural envelope and the people who pass through it.





Born in Capua, he has been living in Pescara for a few years. His innate curiosity and love for art have led him to experiment techniques in step with the times, no longer using canvases and brushes, but with a mouse and desktop.

It all started as a game, during his long nights at work. The sign of the hotel where he works (a faceted diamond), was 'illuminating' for his 'FACETEDPORTRAIT', hence the idea of creating faceted portraits, of making a face as unique as a diamond, a precious stone.

Some 'FACETEDPORTRAIT' were chosen for music CD covers and as a logo by an architecture and design studio in New York, with which a collaboration was born. In recent years he has exhibited in various galleries and participated in various national and international competitions such as: Iconic - The Exhibition, International Festival of Hyperspatialism, Far above the moon - Exhibition dedicated to David Bowie, POP-CON International Pop and Conceptual Art Exhibition. It has recently been selected to participate in the XIII Biennale di Roma 2020.





Bianca Demo was born in Italy in 1969 where she remained until the completion of her studies.

This artist with an Italian father and a Basque mother arrived late in the world of arts, since she graduated in 2015 from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the ULL University of La Laguna, Tenerife.

She has managed to achieve her own artistic language, which immerses her works in a special atmosphere that envelops and attracts the observer. Little by little, Bianca Demo has deepened her figurative painting, focusing her interest on the human face and studying volumes, anatomical aspects and shades of colour. She placed a lot of emphasis on light, but at a certain point she felt a certain need to enter the shadows.

From this need comes the idea of investigating a certain symbolism in a continuous search to discover what attracts us from the darkness. "I try to reproduce on the canvas the dark side of the human being who hides from light and reason, and who lets himself be glimpsed in the shadows. This is how common subjects and individuals arise, between light and shadow, revealing their personal shadow, a set of frustrations, negative and painful experiences, fears, insecurities that accompany us from the cradle".





Stefano Regondi was born in the province of Milan.

He has always had a passion for drawing and painting, he attended a school of graphic design and advertising and then took a different academic path and became a professional educator dealing with international cooperation and people with cognitive-behavioural disorders.

Often crossing art in his professional path (painting and pottery workshops), he became passionate about streetphotography and experimentation with the camera, and he came to photography as his main means of expression. The exploration of architectural detail or social diversity becomes the key to interpreting an overexposed and changing present in which the sense of contemporary living, often confused but very complex and fascinating, tries to be translated into photographic images.

Alessia Babrow.png





Alessia Babrow, Italian-South African, is a multifaceted artist.

She explores current art forms ranging from photography to performance, video art, installations and assemblages, land art, recycling art, sculpture to street art, creating urban interventions. She has directed her work towards an investigation of the concept of art as a social function, questioning themes ranging from the environment to society, the heritage and dignity of human beings.

Over the years it has been exhibited in China, Russia, the United States, Greece, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Austria and Italy. Its 360° work has developed in such a way as to be able to contribute in several parallel realities. She works mainly with institutions, embassies and NGOs.

He continues to receive recognition for his work in the social field.





Drawings with a strong, sinuous, sensual stroke, this is the stylistic figure that certainly represents it most. Lidia Cestari's works tell in black and white the feminine sensuality, the soft shapes of women, the sincerity of their carnal nature.

Through waves and dark lights, we immerse ourselves in a loop sequence of attractive movements, which smell of eros, of intimacy, in a continuous game of figures that intertwine in an elegant and original way. "Ever since I was a little girl I loved to draw, but I haven't done it for years. Until 2016," explains Lidia.

Artists like Schiele, Escher and Manara are an inspiration for me, but then I put my identity, my passion, into my drawings.




Yisrael Dror Hemed was born in Israel in 1975, lives and works in Netanya.

Esteemed artist is known for his magnetic portraits and has exhibited in a variety of solo and group exhibitions in Israel, the United States and Europe.

His works reflect on the theme of masculinity and gender and are characterized by the contrast between classical painting and contemporary content.




It is always difficult to explain in words what cannot be said with words, there are parts of us that must be "heard" rather than listened to, observed and integrated rather than controlled, accepted rather than guided.

Just like the 'living' world we occupy, we must ask ourselves what nature we belong to, what part we want to feed and germinate and what seeds to leave in the world.

In observing the image and beauty of the other, we find our best part and the origin of who we are.




Emiliano Alfonsi was born in 1980 in Rome where he lives and works. During his academic studies he dedicated himself to the study of the ancient working of stained glass and mosaics according to the dictates of medieval tradition.

During his artistic career he has exhibited with great art professionals such as Saturno Buttò and is still a teacher of a well-known painting course at an art school in Rome.

The artist is an established iconographer on an international level thanks to his vast curriculum and his enigmatic portraits which give life to works in which the sumptuousness and splendour of Gothic art can be found, with a technique, the egg tempera of 1400, which tells the faces of the contemporary world.

The subjects immortalized, charged with ideal and sublime beauty, become three-dimensional works, surrounded by thick contours, which make them almost a sculpture. The eyes of his icons are magnetic and seem to follow our gaze from any angle.




Cipollari Stefano was born in Rome and graduated from art school.

He then worked on restoration, thanks to which he had the opportunity to travel and subsequently come into contact with different artistic realities of our country. At the moment he is working in cinema and television decoration.

The latter activity is still part of his daily life.




Stefano Coviello was born in Potenza on 20 July 1994.

After graduating in Applied Arts - Designers of Architecture and Furniture at the State Institute of Art in Potenza, the same year he decided to enrol in the painting school of the Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia, following his natural propensity for drawing and painting.

Moving among the various painting techniques, he discovered his predilection for oil painting and developed a language influenced by Caravaggio's painting, mythology, symbolism, esotericism, erotic art and photography that would make it his stylistic signature.




After studying Glass and Crystal Art at the Art Institute of Pisa he completed his training at the University with a degree in "Cinema, Music Theatre and Multimedia Production".

She worked with theatre, multimedia, digital and finally returned to her origins, painting and figure. She currently teaches Art and Image.

"In my works the look is cinematographic, the cut is very close to a frame. The relationship between the figure and the background is central: a continuous and exhausting struggle for affirmation and disintegration of body matter.

My pictorial research starts from here, figures in search of identity in a space that encompasses and devours everything".




Salvador Manzano Carabante approached art at a young age and has never stopped since.

He currently lives and works in Malaga, where he creates his unique surreal works using mixed techniques and different materials such as acrylics, oils, paints and cellophane paper.

Salvador studied art at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. As an art professional he worked as an art director in the film industry and as a costume designer for film and theatre. Previously he taught at MIA (Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar).

"My inspirations come from a wide variety of artists of all times: Bacon, Velázquez, Goya, Chagall and more generally German expressionism and surrealism. My work comes from the inside out. It is not a description of the surrounding world but of the inner world. In this way, my work always becomes a self-portrait, not of physical reality but of inner reality".





Born in Macao, he studied in Japan. Kou Shou received his doctorate in Fine Arts from K.S. University Japan in 2006.

The artist has exhibited his works in Japan, United States and Australia. He currently lives in New York, where he works as an artist.

"Painting portraits is my passion. I started to focus on the male figure when I moved to New York. The gay culture in New York City inspires me to work with men. Every portrait I paint gives me the opportunity to create a work of art that exhibits both beauty and timelessness. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more closely at the world around them and discover beauty in everyday life and culture."





Keith Buswell graduated in art from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

He works with various printing processes such as screen printing, gravure and monochrome printing and enjoys drawing and multimedia. He is currently a member of Karen Kunc's Constellation Studios, where he creates his prints.

Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Egypt, Dubai, France and Italy. In particular, Keith received the Perry Family Award in 2018 and second place in the 40 Under 40 Showcase at Annapolis, MD.

Originally from Council Bluffs, Iowa, he currently lives in Lincoln with her husband Brad and his dog Max.



United Kingdom

Connor Addison is a painter and photographer based in Barcelona, Spain and London, UK.

He is co-founder of Last Universal Creative Ancestor. After studying painting at Central St Martins, Connor continued to study politics, philosophy and economics at the University of Manchester.

His academic practice together with his artistic practice has motivated an investigation into the sublime, as a physical phenomenon in nature and as an internal experience in people's minds. His photographic work focuses on an interest in degradation through repetition and recreation, as a return to memories and people.



Republic of Serbia

Born in Zrenjanin, Serbia, in 1981.

Graduated from Belgrade University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, in 2009.

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, in 2017.

Marko Tubic has exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions in Serbia, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Germany.




Alberto (1983, Palermo) is an Italian fashion and fine arts photographer based in Italy.

He graduated from the Roman Centre of Photography and Cinema in Rome (Centro Romano di Fotografia e Cinema) and currently lives between Milan and Sicily.

His work has been published worldwide in Wired, Elle Italia, Vanity Fair, the Guardian, Telegraph, L'Oeil De La Photographie, SkyArte, Internazionale, CBS, Donna Moderna, Corriere della Sera, American Photo, the Photographer, Kiplinger and Switch Magazine, among others.

His works have been exhibited in galleries in Italy, England, China, Germany, Slovakia and the United States. In 2015, MAXXI - National Museum of the 21st Century - chose him together with 10 other young Italian photographers in Italy for a Masterclass with the internationally renowned photographer Mustafa Sabbagh. He won numerous international competitions, including, in 2016, the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards for the Iconic B project.





Linda Kocher is an illustrator, graphic designer, author and yoga teacher from France.

Her artistic creations mingle and respond to each other. She spreads an inclusive and joyful practice, carried forward by a vision of body beauty and sexual pleasure, completely uninhibited, healthy and plural.

To express one's identity, the relationship with the body is essential. In order to feel free, one must re-appropriate and reconnect to it. From those dancing figures the viewer is given a vision of beauty without complexes, healthy and pluralistic.

By showing naked bodies, different and varied, queer and cisgender, my work claims a re-appropriation of self of our figures. Dance leads us to reconnect with our body, with ourselves and with our identity, which allows us to approach freedom and emancipation.