The urban visions of Fabio Turri

Actualizado: 15 de dic de 2020

Fabio Turri, architect, and photographer, shows us, through his works, the image of an inner and majestic Rome that often meets and clashes with the human element.

A train stop on a rainy day surrounded by a metaphysical atmosphere, the magnificence of a simple and ordinary event like that of two old people walking together holding hands, the chromatic contrasts of a woman on the metro or the performance of young bikers in a square; these are scenarios of everyday life, at the same time unique and usual moments that the artist manages to identify in the chaos of a metropolis in continuous motion.

The stairs of post-war Roman palaces carry us, through hypnotic spirals, inside a personal path which is enhanced by the harmony of the colors and the eye-catching use of light, elements and perspectives that make our attention converge towards the vanishing point. Playing with colors conveys a sense of fun and the geometries allow us to walk an unlimited number of times, following always different criteria, those same stairs that become intriguing and a path of freeing.

Symmetry and contrast on a building's surface alternating a bare and rough façade with a dynamic and animated one with windows and bright reflections, a photo that recalls home, the view of a Rome behind the streets, in the flat complexes, where the walls are bare and compact. An industrial building, so light in structure and so heavy in style, a specular pattern of broken black and defined lines standing out against a clear sky that without colour seems almost non-existent.

Thanks to street photography, Fabio Turri manages to reconcile his passion for the camera with the one for his job of architect, the importance and impressiveness of the structural element and the attention to detail distinguish his work, thus reminding us of how we are as active and at the same time passive viewers.

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