Alessandro Alo Casini


My name is Alessandro "ALO" Casini, born in 1993, and I'm an Italian QUEER artist.
I come from a small provincial town in the Ligurian Riviera and since I was a child I have been writing songs, cultivating a passion for music, dance and performance.

When I was 12 years old I joined the Amateur Theatre Company "Musical è", of the director and now entrepreneur Iaia De Rose, who brought several musical comedies around Italy. During the years of middle school and high school, therefore, I divided my time between school, friends, rehearsals with the company and the tour of the shows.
As soon as I came of age, I moved to Bologna to study Foreign Languages and Literature. There I came into contact with the Italian HIP HOP scene of the origins (DJ Lugi, Deda, Frank Siciliano among others) and with many jazz musicians. These connections taught me so much of what I bring to my work today: passion, sharing, but also how to arrange a song, researching sounds and everything that means making music.
In that period of time between 2013 and 2017 incredible things happened to me: opening gigs for Gramatik, Talib Kweli, singing on a Radio2 show, being a backing vocalist for Frank Siciliano and Ghemon, playing in the most beautiful clubs in Italy. Yet I felt that there was untapped potential in me that was screaming to come out.
I dreamed of talking about everything that in that moment became for me a source of pride: the fact of recognizing to be a homosexual artist in a country still quite reluctant to give space to all identities, affected by an ill-concealed propensity to prefer ambiguity to frankness.
Following this desire I started producing my project ALO at the beginning of 2017, first writing in English and producing together with my best friend and guitarist Andrea Rubino practically EVERYTHING. Songs, shootings, videos. Everything was managed and directed by me personally. And so I slowly developed all the skills I needed to keep my dream alive.
But Bologna seemed not to be the place where it could come true.
In 2018 then I go to Milan, with the hope of finding my space in the world. That year I write "Men who love women", sitting at the desk in my single room and with an old CASIO keyboard with few sounds. Thanks to the help of Deda and Andrea, who immediately believed in the project, I participated in Xfactor12 and "Uomini che amano le donne" became a HIT. The video of my audition collects more than 5 million views and the videoclip of the song, always produced and coordinated by me, totals 400k views, although it has never been released through a label or publishing contract.
From there I continue to produce my project and the videos of "Achille", "Forte (Ti Amo), and then again "Torneremo" and "REWIND" under the label FLUIDOSTUDIO.
In 2019 I sing at PRIDE in Milan and starting from October I record a series of episodes of the comic variety "Fantastico Credici" for ZELIGtv (soon available on Amazon Prime), while I carry on on my social channels some successful columns and especially activism for my community.
Throughout all these years I have remained an independent, autonomous artist who takes care of every step of the creative process, from music to content creation to video clips to shows.
In June 2021 I released the song "La Pomba Gira" together with the Italian-Brazilian artist Kenjii, already present in "HOUSE OF KETA" by Popoulous, Myss Keta and Protopapa.
For me, being FAVOLOS* means remembering to be self-sufficient, getting up every time you fall and, however hard it may be, trying not to abandon your dreams. Because only the one who dreams lights the way for everyone.