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The project Naked Man HIV+ is simple, straightforward and honest.
It is ten shots of HIV-positive men. In 2021, HIV-positive people are common, but we cannot, do not want to or perhaps it is not yet time to "put our face on it".

The photographic portraits, rigorously in black and white, integrate, with elegance and balance, the subjects photographed and the HIV-positive condition experienced through a collage composed of words of exact meaning; a collage that, placed in place of the face, gives it a different sense, a new and possible identity.
These are spontaneous but constructed compositions, which place harmony at the centre of the photographic story, digging into memories and scars of the soul.
The only thing "unconstructed" is the year of birth and the year of seroconversion, unalterable dates.
By concentrating on the human figure in its apparent nudity, but clothed with thoughts, the intention is to try to convey sensations and emotions linked to the theme of seropositivity, explored slowly in a society which, on the other hand, changes rapidly.
These are not photos of naked men, but photos of naked HIV-positive men: they are friends, family members, they are men who have experienced caresses and experiences; they are men who have an important bond with Angela Infante, a woman, the creator of the project. They are men who also have a bond with each other and who are important to other people.
They are undressed bodies and naked words that act on indifferent consciences, struck only by continuous visual information.
The nakedness of each body is accompanied by those words, which although fundamental, can contaminate obsolete stereotypes and avoidable prejudices.
These naked bodies are a real visual provocation addressed to a society that gives too much space to interpretations, and does not inhabit experience.
What binds these naked bodies together, beyond their serological status?