Fabio Samela


Fabio Samela, aka Fab(b)io, was born in Atella, Basilicata, in 2002, where he cultivated a passion for art from an early age, which he developed in photography.
Continuously searching for his own personal style, he now combines writing with photography, creating metto-style cartoons that deal with social issues and excerpts of life.

In October 2020 he exhibited for the first time in a collaborative exhibition as an emerging artist in Milan during the Gender Project exhibition, and was then published in a number of different magazines including Queef Magazine, with which he still collaborates.
He is studying the last year of Liceo Artistico (audiovisual and multimedia address) at M. Festa Campanile in Melfi. Self-portraiture and writing, the representation of the LGBTQ+ community but also the social construction of the stereotypical "male".
This is where my photographic project (in continuous development) Fab(b) to be comes from, turning my art into a real social manifesto against everything that prevents me and has prevented me from being ME.
I tell about myself, I am the protagonist and actor of the stories I tell, of the fear of judgement and of the constant hiding from prying eyes and tongues full of hate.
I have begun to live again and I have taken back what was taken from me, and perhaps for others I will always be "too much".
But that's okay.