June is the month that marks the beginning of LGBTQI+ pride season and this year it will be even more special with the first Global Pride (June 27TH). For the occasion, FMB Art Gallery will be launching “PRIDE BY YOUR SIDE” an online art project to support LGBTQI+ world, available in its events section for the entire duration of Onda Pride 2020 (website listing all the Italian Pride).

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on Pride events, most of them have been cancelled or postponed but it does not mean that the Pride has been cancelled, on the contrary, “PRIDE BY YOUR SIDE” project is joining to the many online events organized to celebrate LGBTQI+ Pride and support the movement.





“PRIDE BY YOUR SIDE” is only open to artists who are at least 18 years of age, Italian or international artists.

The artists will be able to present:

  • An artwork

  • A series of work

  • A project (set of series)


A work (original or already presented to public) in the following disciplines:










The project theme concerns the LGBTQI+ world and it aims to highlight the proud of diversity of each individual which express itself by the relationship with ourselves or the world we are living in through the following keywords:

pride, identity, uniqueness as a reflection of inner and/or external world of each individual, love, sex, sexuality


one or more keywords can be used in the artistic expression.



The jury consists of gallery’s artistic team and its judgement is unquestionable.



By May 31st 2020 the call will be open to artists, which will have time to send to FMB Art Gallery the application form until July 31st 2020.

The artists are free to present or add their works during the whole time of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be online from June 20th 2020 until September 20th 2020



The registration is free. It is necessary to register at the site to apply, filling the form in all fields or by email

FMB Art Gallery will give confirmation as artist selected to the event.

The artist must leave the works for sale in the gallery for the whole time of the exhibition.

The sale exclusivity is not required for the works presented (the artist undertakes to inform the gallery if the work should be sold in different channels).

The selected artist must send to FMB Art Gallery: a photo showing her/himself, a front/back ID photo,  a biography and/or CV, a key phrase representing her/himself, links to news or interviews about her/himself.

The works must not be sent but the artist agrees to provide all the stuff related to the work:

1.      One or more picture possibly in high resolution (with and without frame, work hanging on the wall, details of the frame, mockup photo etc)

2.      Synopsis or text representing the work: poetry, tale…

3.      Technical description: title, year, series, technique, support, dimensions with and without the frame, general notes (glass, plexiglass…)

4.      Only for photography: the number of photography and the proof of artist

5.      Price (only for photography with and without the frame)


In case of sale, the gallery will organize, at its own expense, the withdrawal of the work by the artist’s site and subsequently shipment to the buyer.



The gallery will donate its percentage of the proceeds of the sale to two associations working in the front line in helping and supporting LGBTQI+ world:

Casa Famiglia Refuge LGBT (Gay Center) 

Refuge LGBT family home

The first temporary home for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people victims of mistreatment in the family or expelled from the family.


Plus - Persone LGBT+ sieropositive

Plus – LGBT + HIV positive people

The association performs free virologic tests in an anonymous, safe, quick way at the Plus onlus headquarter and in LGBT clubs.

The association offers post-diagnosis consultancy, awareness campaigns, vis-à-vis advice and workshops.


The donation concerns exclusively the 50% of the percentage of the gallery on the total sale of the works exhibited during the event. The actual cost of packaging, insurance, shipping and secretarial expenses will be deducted from the total which, as a rule, the gallery does not charge to the buyer.


If the artist wishes to participate to the donation, she/he can do it by showing the receipt of the transfer made and she/he will be reported in the list of donors.



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